Domestic Stained Glass

We can present you with a selection of custom-created exquisite stained glass designs for your home. You can also browse through our library of ready-made designs to find the design that you are looking for. Whatever your requirements are, our products are designed to add value to your home.

Glass Bending

Glass can be twisted and bent into a number of directions, creating a wonderful effect. Bent glass can be used for a number of aesthetic and practical reasons, as it does not only present you with a pleasant feature, but also with added durability and mechanical strength.

Commercial Stained Glass

Our stained glass services can also be implemented for public or commercial buildings, including churches and other places of worship. These beautiful creations will captivate anyone who gazes upon them, and can be created on double glazed units as well for added soundproofing and security.


From contemporary to classic, we can create a number of looks for you. Our selection of mirrors ranges from freestanding models to mounted mirrors or magnifying bathroom mirrors. The mirrors that we produce can be either plain or ornately designed.

Security Glass

Security glass is ideal for people who are looking for protection — from both sounds and impact. These glasses can be used for floors, stairs and other areas where glass needs to present extra strength. Safety glass can present you with protection from theft and attacks.

Glass Displays

Glass displays make an amazing addition to any store. They offer shop owners an effective opportunity to showcase their products. Glass also makes store maintenance easier, as it will protect your items from unwanted dust or debris. These displays also offer added security features to shops thanks to their strength.