A Multitude Of Glass-Related Services

We at KL Glass do not just offer our clients a selection of glass supplies and fittings to choose from. We also present our clients with the possibility of maintenance services and solutions. At our Luqa-based workshop you can get an array of solutions.


Glass Polishing is aimed towards removing scratches and other damages done to glass surfaces in an easy manner. It helps in preserving and restoring glass structures.


We can cut and engrave glass for a number of uses. We can engrave a number of glass products, including artworks, windows, signs, ornaments and even frost glass for a decorative finish.


Bent glass can present architectural buildings with a number of effective advantages. It can be used for a number of complex curvatures or dome-shaped solutions.


Abrasive processes like sandblasting are ideal to erode a couple of millimetres from your glass, presenting it with an opaque texture, ideal for added privacy.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is ideal for people who are looking to have a soundproof and eco-friendly home. These insulated glazings reduce the amount of heat that enters or exits your home.

Bulletproof Security 

These windows are much stronger and can absorb blows from bullets, bats and other heavy objects. These are ideal for people who are looking for added security in their home or office.

Repairs and replacements are ideal for people who are looking to fix any dents or issues with their glass without having to change the frames.

Safety Laminations 

Safety glass laminations are ideal for people who are looking to protect their home from break-ins or severe weather conditions.

Soundproof Partitions

These partitions reduce ambient noise, look great and enable more natural light to come in, they also offer all the privacy needed during meetings.

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